ANZ Tower

Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 33A Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia

ANZ Tower is a Grade B office building located at the heart of Jakarta's Central Business District. With a total building size of 29.230 sqm, the office building in Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 33A is available for lease only.

ANZ Tower is a 25 storeys office building that is of walking distance to City Walk Sudirman and Plaza Semanggi. ANZ Tower is equipped with 9 lifts that is split into 2 zones, namely Low Zone and High Zone, and a dedicated service lift.

ANZ Tower has 700 parking lots to serve the office tenants and guests and ATM, Restaurant, Minimarket and Bank as facilities in the office complex.


  • Years Constructed


  • Membership Parking

    Reserved Canopy : Rp.9.500.000 Annually

    Reserved Surface : Rp.6.500.000 Annually

    Unreserved : Rp.5.400.000 Annually

    Motorcycle : Rp.110.000 Monthly

  • Toilets

    Male Urinal : 2

    Male Cubical : 3

    Female Cubical : 3

    Executive Toilet : 1

  • Type

    Lease Only

  • Office Hours

    Mon - Fri : 07:30 - 18:00

    Sat : 07:30 - 13:00

    Sun : N/A

  • Number of Lifts

    Low Zone : 4

    High Zone : 4

    Service Lift : 1

  • Floor Count


  • Building Size

    29.230 m2

  • Average Floor Plate

    1.169 m2


  • ATM

  • Restaurant

  • Minimarket

  • Bank

Menurut saya lumayan baik dan puas dengan gedung ini. Untuk lokasi nya bagus hanya macet sekali untuk waktu tertentu.
Gedung ini cukup bagus hanya saja akses masuk ke gedung ini sangat susah karena faktor kemacetan. saya berharap lahan parkir di belakang dibuatkan shelter untuk parkiran. Sifat dari pelayanan past control harus lebih dilakukan.
Menurut saya so far so good. akses mudah disini, keamananan sangat bagus, fasilitas umum seperti gym.
Menurut personality saya gedung ANZ Tower sangat bagus, maintenance nya sangat bagus, Overall menurut saya air nya baik, toilet nya perawatan cukup baik. (Untuk keseluruhan)
Need security equipment such as metal detector scanner. Too many manual security procedures that not match with current building security standard
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